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Welcome to Vescrutia Wiki

The Vescrutia Wiki is a collaborative technological database created by the administrators of the Vescrutia role playing ninja based websiteVescrutia. The website characters and techniques are based of popular mangas/animes/and other various paraphernalia, essentially it is a massive online role playing fan fiction for people who love Naruto, and other Shonen.

Because this is fan based creation we are not insinuating that we own these characters, pictures or various copyrighted material whatsoever. We pay all respects to the various masterminds behind these original characters/series and video games and pictures that we use as our visual aids. We thank the geniuses behind the creation of these things, and we are not using this for profit in any way.


  • Vescrutia Wiki is currently under massive construction and wont be actually up and running for a couple of months. If you wish to help edit the site please contact Mahk-X on the website. Thank you

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