Linomaru Hugo is a Sp.Jounin of the Dusk Village of the Vescrutian Shinobi Village Alliance.


Weight:200 lbs.

Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Drk Brown


Rank:Sp.Jounin(For Now)

Kekkei Genkai:Gentai(Reconstruction)

Relationship Status:Single

Soul Partner:Nese

Elements:Water and Lighting


Linomaru is always seen in his ranking jacket,in this case a Sp.Jounin's jacket.Underneath his jacket he wears a white button up tee with a black undershirt,his jeans are black,his shoes are normal and they stop at his ankles.Linomaru has short black hair with dark brown eyes.He also wears glasses for some unknown reason,maybe he just likes wearing them,who knows.He has a jacket that comes pass his feet,more of a trench coat than a jacket,which is all black,he also wears a white scarf that has the Dusk village symbol on it showing which of the three shinobi villages he comes from.[[Category:Linomaru is a fun loving teenager who likes to joke around with his friends alot .He is often seen reading a book on the latest mangas he normally reads as a hobby.There hasn't been a time when Linomaru doesn't have a smile on his face.He loves a challenge and does give up so easily.Linomaru personality has changed a bit since his girlfriend Kira Kitteredge died in battle now Linomaru is very sad and distant from his friends but he stills has that smile on his face,althought he is sad deep down,but Linomaru is always happy none the less.]]