Demon Shota child

Alex Star== A Child with a wierd sense of pride, and determintion. He tends to land into trouble, or cause it himself during a battle. He tends to think of people as normal people, until they give a interest to him. He acts like a child at times, and his conduct tends to reflect that very much. Of course he isn't like most children, as he likes to cause pain. He doesn't even care often about people, and without regret kills people who are mean or try to get on his nerves. He is also considered one of the worest traps in Vescrutia....people still haven't figured out if he is a guy or a girl. He likes women the most because there very predictable, and tends to play around with older and younger ones.


A kid that acts like a smartass to older people.loves to eat sweets as well as play around alot with other people or things.He even likes to get older women or younger girls even with his age difference. (more at the beginning)


Name: Alex star Age: 14 Height: 5,4 Weight:97 Hair color: Blood Red Eye Color: Pink Clan:?

Bio:He lived in a the village hidden in the stars as he tryed to rise to the top.His mother taught him how to make puppets to help him o become stronger.Soon started to use his puppets as learned more about his clan and its powers.He then came here to improve his powers and meet new people. But over the course, his village was destroyed and he had to flee. His mother had perished in the attack but told him that she was only his protector. That his really parents sent him here because there world was under attack, and he never knew what that meant. He held fierce power within him, and he doesn't even known it.

2 months later:Alex had fun as he came here and sticked around as he tried to get stronger in the village of chaos.He started to work on more puppets for his collection, and train his star justus.He worked on his charka strings,and a new ways to use a puppet.